Product List
Copper Nickel Electric resistance materials
Nickel Chromium Electric resistance materials
Precision resistance material Manganin
Precision resistance material Karmalloy
Enameled resistance wire
Compensation wire
Compensation wire for
R and S thermocouples
Compensation wire for
K thermocouples
Compensation wire for
E thermocouples(EX)
Compensation wire for
J thermocouples(JX)
Compensation wire for
T thermocouples(TX)
Insulated Thermocouples
Fluororesin Insulated thermocouples
Fluororesin insulated extreme thin thermocouple Fineflex ®
  Dec.2,2014 Non profit organization, Ota County Industry promotes committee, the twenty sixth Ota County corporation new product, new technology contests, we have developed emergency medical wire saw, Cur@Cutter and rewarded Ota Public service and medical award.
  Nov.12~14,2014   We exhibited at Compamed 2014 (International Medical Device parts etc.) that held in Dusseldorf, Germany.
  Apr.26,2014 We have had medical use Cur@Cutter that we innovated on the Asahi News paper From April 9th to 11th, 2014, at exhibition Mesta Japa 2014, Asia largest, regarding to medical device. Design and manufacturing at Tokyo Bic site. We have exhibited the booth of Ota County and Kawasaki County. We have had reports by Asahi news paper for emergency medical device. Cur@Cutter with the association of Dr. Akitomi at Iwate medical University.

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