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Manufacturing Inspired from Dreams

Our company aims to act on our motto,@"Manufacturing Inspired from Dreams" with our own technology
that we call creativity, and rich sensitivity that we call originality.
Due to our commitment to our dream and potential that is "Manufacturing Inspired from Dreams",
we act on consistent production from smelting of materials to designing of alloy frames.
That is to say, from manufacturing to complete production, including temperature sensors,
compensation wire, and electrode of secondary batteries.
Furthermore, because we commit ourselves to our dream and potential,
"Manufacturing Inspired from Dreams", we are challenging new fields of super-conductor wire
and raw materials as well.
We strive to achieve to be a "Manufacturer Inspired from Dreams" as we precisely develop products
that adapt to social changes and needs.
We are a company that strives to approach and to act in variable fields.
Moreover, we are a company that proceeds on variable issues.

Manufacturing inspired from dreams

Basic attitude on Manufacturing

Basic attitude on Manufacturing 1
Basic attitude on Manufacturing 2

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