Nickel Chromium Electric Resistance Wire, Ribbon

Features of Nickel Chromium Electric Resistance Wire and Ribbon
(Features of Nichrome wire, ribbon)

This is the material of JIS C2520 - 1999, Nickel Chromium Electric Heating Wire Class 1, Class 2
(Nichrome Heating Wire Class 1, Class 2).

  1. Comparison of copper-nickel resistance wire CN49W and manganin precision resistance
    wire CMW reveals that the volume resistivity of the former is approximately 2 times greater,
    the tensile strength is approximately 1.5 times greater, and the corrosion resistance and
    the heat resistance is at a high level as well.
  2. Due to the above features, CN49W is widely used as a general electric resistance material.

Table 4  The features of nickel chromium electric heating wire and ribbon
Volume resistivity
 μΩ · m 
Mechanical property
Tensile strengthElongation
MPa %
NCHW,R-1Cr 19 ~ 21
Mn 2.5 >
rest Ni
1.08 0.05 690 ~ 93020 <
NCHW,R-2Cr 15 ~ 18
Mn 1.5 >
Ni 57 <
rest Fe
1.12 0.05 640 ~ 880

List of resistance values
List of insulation types

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 Kind of insulation
 Insulation tolerance
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