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Company History
Main Events
1916 Founder Toyokichi Yamada started the company named Tokyo Wire Firm; a business for selling winding wire. At the same time, he started his research and development of an Electric Resistance Alloy.
1924 Manufacturing factory in Shimura, Itabashi prefecture was built, and manufacturing started for electric resistance alloy wire, enamel wire, and cotton winding wire.
1931 After the factory was moved to Minami Rokugou in Ohta Ward, a straight wire alloy dice research foundation was founded at the Minami Rokugou factory in Ohta Ward.
1944 Built and started the Nishi Rokugou factory at Nishi Rokugou in Ohta Ward.
1955 Completed and started operating a high wave electric smelting oven at Nishi Rokugou in Ohta Ward.
1956 Built and started electrode nickel silver processing Chigasaki factory in Chigasaki city in Kanagawa prefecture.
1973 Founded, built, and stared Iwate Tokyo Wire Works in Maesawa city, Iwate.
1974 Completed and started a high wave electric smelting oven at the Iwate Tokyo Wire Works.
1979 ~ 1983 Received a subsidy for technology improvement from the Sendai trade industry department four times.
1989 Completed and started a metal flam and press factory at the Iwate Tokyo Wire Works.
1990 Moved the facility for straight line wire and smelting from the Nishi Rokugou factory to the Iwate Tokyo Wire Works.
1993 Land for a factory at Tokyo Wire Nishi Rokugou was developed again, and built and moved the headquarters department.
1996 The Chigasaki factory in Chigasaki was moved to Hanaizumi city, Iwate prefecture, and built and started the Hanaizumi factory for consecutive processing of electromotive silver.
2004 ~ 2007 Received a subsidy for the zero-emission promotion industry from Iwate prefecture three times.
2005 Completed and started an extreme thin foil precision rolling machine line.
2006 Completed and started manufacturing of super conductor wire on a Chrome electric gold line for an International heat nucleus fusion reactor at ITER Plan.
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